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Why We Love Working For Careys
By: Michael McGeary

From the way they are treated as employees to the way the firm looks after its customers, our agents couldn’t speak highly enough about Careys Personal Credit. That’s why Careys' agents only leave us when they retire.

Want to join them? We're always looking for exceptional agents to come and work for us on an employed or self-employed basis. We can offer an excellent working environment and help you develop your agency, your way. You decide the hours you want to work.

There are no sales targets and we won’t ever write to your customers encouraging them to take more loans out and insist that customers are always treated fairly. We will give you five weeks paid holiday each year (employed agents only). Call Phil Carey on 01642 850022 for a confidential chat.

My career as a collecting agent began 19 years ago with a national company and I immediately loved working in this industry. I was asked to join Careys 11 years ago. At first I was unsure, as they say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. But it’s turned out to be the best move I’ve ever made by far, both for me and for my customers. Working for Careys has increased my passion for my job and this is thanks to support not only from Phil but from everyone in the workplace. We all work together and assist each other when needed. I had to take time off following a family bereavement Phil and Paul were fantastic and my collections didn't suffer, as they covered the round. To anybody considering a change, believe me, the grass is greener on Careys’ side! 
Amanda Gregory

I’ve worked at Careys for 22 years now and nobody ever leaves willingly! That’s the bottom line because they really are that good to work for. My parents and grandparents had dealt with Careys for years as customers and joining them was the best move I’ve ever made. Phil Carey is a lovely boss and they are great people to work for. You can’t say a bad word about anyone. I’m not going anywhere!
Andrea Davison

I came to work for Careys a year ago and cover Redcar and Saltburn and part of Marske. I loved Careys as soon as I came for the interview. It felt like a real family company. I immediately decided I wanted to work here and Phil took me on straight away. I absolutely love it and Phil has given me the confidence to develop my role. There are lots of people out there who need us when they can’t go to the banks for loans and I see all my clients as personal friends. Phil is not only a very good boss but a very good man and very understanding. This is a company that will look after me very well and I’m sure I’ll be here until I retire.
Beverley Watt

I’ve covered Hemlington for 22 years, the last four of them for Careys. It was my goal to work here and when the time was right, I came over. I’ve never looked back and I’ll be here until I retire now. I’m very settled, there’s no pressure to sell and our customers are very loyal. We all help each other like a family and I know all the other agents will say the same.
Karen Lofts

I’ve been with Careys for 11 years and cover Hartlepool. What I find very pleasing about the company is the way we’re made to feel a big part of the business and that’s why we all want to give 100 per cent. I’ve had a difficult year with sickness and bereavement and the support I’ve had has been unbelievable. The name Careys says everything because they are so caring! They are genuinely the most understanding company I have ever seen and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.
Susan Alp

I’ve worked for Careys for 12 years and cover the South Bank area. Phil is greatly respected by his entire workforce and help and support is always given if it’s needed.
Allison Cairns

I’ve worked for Careys for more than 20 years and it’s a wonderful company to work for. I mainly cover Middlesbrough now but I’ve been all over the area. The people here are all friendly and Phil’s a wonderful boss. I don’t see my customers as customers anymore – you come to see them as friends.
Perry Hayton

I was the youngest agent Careys had ever taken on when I started here nine years ago. The job fits perfectly around my childcare because my partner works away and I have to pick the kids up from school. Phil’s fantastic and very understanding with everything, whether you have a problem or are sick or anything else. We’re only a relatively small firm but we’re like a family. Everybody gets on and we all help one another.
Jade Lambert

I’ve worked here for 16 years and have customers all over Teesside. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work. The company treat the staff and their customers well. It’s a very ethical company and I enjoy working here – it’s as simple as that!
Jamie Robson

I’ve been at Careys for 27 years and cover Thorntree, Eston, Normanby, Berwick Hills and Park End. I absolutely love my job. We are a very fair firm to work for and both the staff and customers are treated very well. The firm goes out of the way to give that little bit extra, which makes my job far easier. There’s an excellent atmosphere and everybody is very friendly.
Christine King

Careys are looking for experienced home credit agents to cover all TS postcodes. If you're currently in or have recently left a similar role and might be interested in joining us, please call Phil Carey on 01642 85002 for a confidential chat. 


If you require a Careys "Personal Credit Loan"

We will provide you with your own agent who you can contact at any time to discuss your repayment options or any other query you may have about your loan.

Representative Example:

£100 loan repayable over 25 weeks: 25 weekly payments of £6 : Rate of interest 104.00% pa fixed: Representative 468.18% APR: Total Amount Payable is £150

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