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Existing Customers

To ensure that Careys’ are complying with the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority and that the firm is treating its customers fairly we have provided a summary of some of the key topics you should consider before further borrowing.

Please think very carefully about the following information before proceeding with your permission to call application.

Take a break

Take a break from borrowing from Careys’ and instead save towards your purchase. This will save you money on interest charges.

Consider alternatives to further borrowing

For example if you are borrowing to pay a utility bill you may be able to negotiate a repayment plan directly with your utility provider which could be cheaper than borrowing from Careys’. This could also apply to a variety of issues like council tax, rent/mortgage arrears and other creditors.

You should also consider if you could access credit which could be a less expensive form of borrowing than a home credit loan from Careys’.

Debt advice

You should consider if you would benefit from free independent debt advice through an organisation like Stepchange. This may help you with a range of financial issues. Your agent can provide you with their contact details.

Before proceeding.

You should only proceed with your permission to call request if you have considered the above information.

You should only proceed if you are satisfied that your previous borrowing from Careys was fair and that the repayments did not cause you any financial difficulties like being unable to afford everyday essentials or pay key bills.

You should only proceed if you feel in your previous borrowing with Careys that they carried out proportionate and reasonable assessments of your finances and that the previous loans were affordable.

You should only proceed if you feel that Careys have taken into account all your circumstances including any issues about any physical or mental vulnerabilities that you may have.

You should also be satisfied that having considered the above information that a home credit loan from Careys is your preferred borrowing option.

If you require any further information or do not wish to proceed please contact your agent or call Paul Allison or Damian McKinley on 01642 850022

If you require a Careys "Personal Credit Loan"

We will provide you with your own agent who you can contact at any time to discuss your repayment options or any other query you may have about your loan.

Representative Example:

£100 loan repayable over 25 weeks: 25 weekly payments of £6 : Rate of interest 104.00% pa fixed: Representative 468.18% APR: Total Amount Payable is £150

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