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The FleurBurger 5000 will set you back $5,000
The World's Richest Food
By: Michael McGeary

Why bother with ordinary free tap water when you could pay £80 for a bottle of Svalbardi, made from melted icebergs?

Luxury London store Harrods has announced plans to stock the eye-wateringly expensive water, which is collected twice a year from icebergs near the North Pole.

The company behind the bottled water claims it can be drunk as an alternative to win and is “perfect for pairing with fine foods”. 

News of the offer gave us the idea of looking around for some more bank-busting offers.

And we discovered that Svalbardi is far from being the world’s priciest bottle of water.

That honour belongs to Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani at a whopping £41,335. In this case, however, you’re not just paying for the water. You’re also buying a bottle made from 24-carat gold. Gulp!

Once you’ve chosen your fine water, you’ll need some delicious food to go with it. Perhaps you’re a steak lover? If so, you might want to visit Berlin’s Goldhorn Beefclub, where you can pay the princely sum of £3,395 for a prime cut.

No doubt it’s worth every penny. But does it really taste £3,375 better than a mouthwatering 10oz sirloin from Fellini’s, just over the road from our Middlesbrough head office? For £20.50 they’ll even also include two sides and a sauce of your choice!

Believe it or not, you can pay even more than Goldhorn prices for a not-so-humble beef burger. The Fleur restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas, offers diners what it claims is the world’s most expensive single portion burger – and at around £4,000, who’s going to argue with them?

The FleurBurger 5000 (named after its price in US dollars) includes a Japanese Kobe beef patty, truffles and foie gras. It comes complete with a bottle of rare vintage wine and as a special bonus you get to keep the glass. Wow!

If you’re feeling peckish on the way home from the pub, a kebab might be just what you need. 

Pop into the Hazev restaurant in London’s glitzy Canary Wharf and head chef Onder Sahan will be only too pleased to oblige – and his authentic Turkish creation will set you back a mere £925!

The rest of us will have to make do with something a little bit more affordable. Gigi’s on Linthorpe Road seems to be a popular choice after the pubs close.

How about a shish kebab, cooked to perfections and served in pitta bread with chips and salad for just £5.50? 

Not only is it delicious, but you don’t have to go all the way to London to try one. And best of all, a bottle of water to wash it down with will only set you back 70p! 


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